Cinematic and lush composition meets raw and honest songwriting to form a collection of cathartic pop creations. 

“Vagrant Bird” is Yify’s debut EP and explores the concept of aliveness. The EP is a travel into one's inner world, exposing the numbness and aloneness that have become the very DNA of a modern age human. Yify hopes that this body of work opens listeners to their own worlds, empowering them to connect with their emotions and heal from them.

Concepted, written, and recorded over a 2 year time frame, this EP captures Yify’s beginnings as a songwriter. Each song has been written, revised, and selected from a pool of others. 

Recordings were tracked in the beautiful studio G brooklyn, courtesy of Francisco Botero, recording engineer. Tracks were produced and string arrangements made by Jerry Jean. Musicians who contributed include Kevin Jacoby - bass guitar, Zach Jones - drums, Brendan Spelt - violin, and Ben Larsen - cello.